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ENCON is an environmental, ecological and heritage charity that is funded by its members and charitable donations.

We work to promote and enhance the ecology, environment and heritage of the Enstone Uplands area to ensure it is protected both for now and future generations.

Our area includes the villages of Church Enstone, Enstone, Cleveley, Gagingwell, Great and Little Tew, Heythrop, Ledwell, Lidstone, Westcote Barton, Middle Barton, Radford, Sandford St Martin and Over Worton.

ENCON are members of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, the Wychwood Project and the Oxfordshire Rural Community Council.

Ecological Projects

We support a number of neighbourhood ecological projects to help understand, protect and preserve local flora and fauna.  Our most recent focus has been on supporting local primary schools to develop their eco-projects.  These are both important ecological sites and teaching resources to help stimulate the next generations’ interest in the environment and ecology. 

Planning Applications

Planning decisions affect us all. However, local communities often feel they have very little input and find the planning process complex and hard to navigate. ENCON provides a forum for our members to engage with major local planning applications with a focus on protecting the countryside and our environment. We certainly do not oppose all development but we encourage that which is in harmony with the environment.
ENCON supports the principle that all development should provide a net gain in biodiversity and an enhancement in landscape quality and its future management. Sustainable land-use planning is a vital ingredient of environmental and ecological protection. Considered planning can help protect the beauty and tranquillity of the countryside and safeguard wildlife habitats.

CPRE - A Better Vision for Oxfordshire

CPRE Oxfordshire has proposed an alternative vision for the future of Oxfordshire, making the County’s rural character the fundamental starting point from which decisions about the future development of the County should be made. Anyone living in Oxfordshire in 2050 should experience the rural character of Oxfordshire which exists today.

Charitable Objects

The Charity’s Objects are the protection, conservation and enhancement of the environment, ecology and heritage of that area of north-west Oxfordshire known as the Enstone Uplands and District including those parts in the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the surrounding Area of Great Landscape Value (the catchment area) but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing extending to the settlements of Enstone, Church Enstone, Gagingwell, Heythrop, Radford, Cleveley, the Bartons, Sandford St Martin, Ledwell, the Wortons, Great Tew, Little Tew and Kiddington or such other places within the catchment area as may be determined.